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Student fees regain mandatory status

Several student fees regained mandatory status for the 2020-21 year due to the suspension of the Student Choice Initiative (SCI).Continue...

“Pride—It’s All of Us”: Pride Month moves online due to COVID-19

After COVID-19 preventative measures brought an end to in-person public events throughout the summer, Pride Month celebrations have been moved online.Continue...


Students shouldn’t shoulder the financial burden of remote learning

As a result of COVID-19, students are facing cancelled internships and lost jobs. Now, they must shoulder the burden of regular tuition fees in the fall—despite classes going online.Continue...

The pandemic is forcing us to reconsider how we care for our elderly. We’re better off for it.

As COVID-19 continues to rock old-age homes, it’s time we roll back the clock and re-evaluate the value—and potential inevitability—of the multigenerational family.Continue...


Outdoor spaces should be accessible during COVID-19

When appropriate measures are taken, the mental health benefits provided through public outdoor and green spaces outweigh the low risk of COVID-19 infection.Continue...

Anonymous submissions are the key to academic fairness

Queen’s University should implement the anonymous submission of assignments.



Queen’s alumni teach and perform comedy online with Second City

During quarantine, Queen’s alumni Garrett Rodman (Arts ‘05) and Carly Heffernan (Arts ‘07) have moved comedy troupe Second City’s classes and improv shows online.Continue...

Isabel Bader Centre hosts online Summer Music Festival

Although quarantine measures remain in place, people can still tune in to Isabel music shows from the comfort of their homes.Continue...


Sports in Brief: COVID-19 Update

Varsity seasons remain up in the air, Queen's is offering fitness classes over ZoomContinue...

Incoming Queen’s cross country recruit to run at UBC

More bad news was dealt to the cross country team at the end of April when top recruit Mackenzie Campbell announced she will run at the University of British Columbia (UBC) next year.Continue...


Recognizing being white-passing as a privilege

I was born in Baghdad to Iraqi parents who fled war to Amman, Jordan. Although I grew up as part of a marginalized Iraqi community in Jordan, I was also part of the majority of the population, adapting to the Jordanian accent and identifying as both an Arab and a Muslim.Continue...

The Half of It proves breaking down barriers doesn’t happen perfectly

Flawless storytelling and perfect writing isn’t where Netflix’s new film The Half of It draws its success. Its story carves a place for itself as a thoughtfully portrayed LGTBQ+ experience in the messy, dramatic, and sometimes clichéd world of coming-of-age movies.Continue...